Fencing is a competitive sport involving swords.  Fencing has been one of the events in every modern Olympic Games, and is a recognized NCAA sport.  The United States Fencing Association is the governing body in the US for Olympic fencing, recognized by the International Fencing Federation and the US Olympic Committee.  The Colorado Division represents the USFA in the state of Colorado.  This web site provides a variety of divisional information.


If you are an experienced fencer interested in participating in Colorado, you are probably interested in the page listing contact information for fencing clubs in Colorado.  If you are interested in beginning fencing, many of the clubs offer regular beginners classes.  Beginners classes are also taught by several of the recreation centers along the Front Range.


The Division maintains a modest set of electric scoring equipment.  Please follow the "Division Equipment" link in the navigation column to the left for more information.


The Division is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

News and Announcements


Annual Meeting

The Division's annual meeting will be held on August 3rd, at 2:30 PM, at the South Denver Fencing Academy.  SDFA is located at 7075B South Alton Way in Centennial.  Please RSVP if you are a voting member planning to attend.  If you are a voting member and unable to attend, but wish to delegate your vote to someone who will be attending, a proxy form is available here (complete the form and give it to the person who will be voting on your behalf).


Reminder for Athletes


If you are participating in competitive USFA events at higher levels, it is the responsibility of the athlete to verify that their current rating is being used by the bout committee for seeding in pools.  It can make a difference in where you are placed.


Reminder for Colorado Club Owners

Per the USFA's safe sport policy, referees at sanctioned events should hold a professional USFA membership in addition to their regular membership.