2018-2019 Local Schedule

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Each year, representatives from Colorado fencing clubs gather to set the local competitive schedule. The meeting for the 2018-2019 season was held at Denver Fencing Center on June 3, 2018.

At that meeting, the club representatives made a focused effort to equally divide the competitions between the host clubs. This season, there will be 5 Colorado Cups, 5 Colorado Youth Cups (including RYCs), 3 Veteran events, 2 C & Under, 2 D & Under, 1 E & Under, 4 Unrated, and 3 Senior Open. The local clubs agreed that any competition other than a qualifier or a Colorado Cup can be added to the local schedule, as long as the organizing club gives the Executive Committee notice and publishes the event at least 30 days before the tournament date. To see notes from the annual division meeting, click here.

Colorado Cup Point Standings

The Colorado Cup is a series of local senior-level competitions held within the Colorado Division. Fencers who compete in these competitions are awarded points based on their results. At the end of the season, plaques are awarded to fencers who finish in the top three of the points standings. Fencers must compete in a minimum number of competitions to be eligible for a plaque: Vets must fence at least 2  cups, seniors fence 3/6 cups, youth fence minimum of 3 cups to get a plaque.

You can see the point standings from the 2017-2018 season here:

Junior Olympics

The 2019 Junior and Cadet National Championships, also known as Junior Olympics, will be held in Denver, CO this season. This competition will be held at the Denver Convention Center, February 15-18 2019. 

This is an exciting opportunity for the Colorado fencing community! Whether you are a seasoned competitor, a new fencer, or a spectator, there will be something for you. 

  • Fencers: compete against some of the top fencers in the country, meet college coaches, and learn from watching top-level bouts 
  • Parents: get the national-level fencing experience without the added cost of travel! Vendors will have lots of inventory on hand so you can try out new gear before you buy it. 
  • Volunteers: many hands will be needed to set up the fencing strips, run the armory, and assist the tournament organizers! Contact the National Office to let them know you'd like to help!

For more information on how to qualify and how you can get involved, talk to your coach!